Liberon varnish: hardwearing protection for wood

If you are looking for high quality varnish for wooden floor, furniture and interior wood work, as well as exterior wood, then try the varnishes made by Liberon, a leading European manufacturer of varnishes.


Liberon's Natural Finish Interior Varnish is a water-based, eco-label varnish for most interior wood surfaces. Highly resistant to impact, scratches and stains, you can enjoy a durable, long lasting finish.


Liberon has also developed innovative products such as the High Resistance Floor Varnish designed to withstand impact. Its non-yellowing, very durable formula is ideal for stairs, balustrades and any vertical woodwork as well as wood floors. With its clear finish, Liberon High Resistance Floor Varnish will add an attractive finish to your interior.


Liberon are experts in all types of wood care, with products to prepare, restore and protect most types of wood and stone throughout the home and garden.

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