High performance products for every decorative finish

Using Liberon’s high performance, low maintenance, durable, mineral and synthetic decorative finishes, a world of colour and texture possibilities are made available for interior products from gilding a frame to adding definition to a carving. Allowing for rustic or modern, contemporary or traditional, each finishing technique is made easy with Liberon’s step-by-step instructions to ensure you achieve unbeatable results every time.

Decorative Finishes

Applying a gilt finish on a new surface or blending in some retouch cream to a damaged antique piece of furniture, Liberon’s ready-made decorative finish preparations take the guessing work out of the equation, so that you can concentrate on a perfect end-result. From disguising dents, chips and scratches to filling mitre joints, furniture restoration has never been more easy.

Gilding and Framing

Whether you’re gilding a mirror frame to have a bright newly burnished appearance or giving an armchair a highly distressed ‘antiqued’ look, here you will find an array of decorative finishes designed for all your gilding and framing needs. Click here for Gilding and Framing