Preparation and protection for all your interior wood requirements

Help to keep all interior woodwork and wooden furniture looking its best, from a little side table to a grand Staircase, by protecting it for years to come with Liberon’s variety of finishes and treatments. Whether it’s a high quality tung oil to feed and enhance a natural wooden surface or Liberon’s shellac and resin-blended Easy French Polish ideal for carved woodwork and artifacts, the choice is extensive.

Furniture and Interior Woodwork

Unavoidable knocks, scuffs and spills will damage your wooden doors and furniture, but keep them protected with Liberon’s range of furniture and interior woodwork products, and they’ll stay looking great for longer. From nourishing, traditional Raw Linseed Oil to preparation products such as Knotting Pale, here you will find a vast array of products for all your furniture and interior woodwork needs.


Improve your interior woodcare with an expert natural wood varnish. East to apply and suitable for wooden doors and interior wood furniture that has previously been varnished, a varnish will enrich colour and give great protection against knocks, scrapes and scratches. Click here for Varnishes

Retouch and Revive

The smallest amount of retouch product can make the biggest difference to the appearance of woodwork and interior furniture, from protecting leather cream that will nourish and soften both antique and modern leather, to shellac filler sticks and touch-up pens that will disguise superficial blemishes and hide small imperfections. Click here for Retouch and Revive


Whether a traditional nourishing oil or a specially blended teak oil with UV protection, a high-quality interior wood oil will enhance the natural wood grain, offer long-lasting protection and feed any interior timber safely, from a well-worn rocking chair to turned woodwork and wooden toys. Click here for Oils

Repair and Prepare

Not all accidents can be prevented, particularly when antique wooden furniture has experienced constant wear and tear. Liberon’s range of repair and prepare products incudes wax and polish removers for the ultimate restoration project, natural cellular-based wood floor stopping for filling small holes and cracks, and Spirit Sanding Sealer ideal for sealing wood before waxing. Click here for Repair and Prepare


Available in an array of applications, from Van Dyck crystals, a natural water-based wood dye made from walnut husks to water-based concentrated dye used to create your own individual colour palette, Liberon’s range of dyes opens a world of contemporary colour for interior woodwork. Click here for Dyes


Whether looking to create a limed effect on oak or other interior hardwoods or wanting a multi-purpose wax for creating striking effects, here you will find an extensive selection of waxes for use on interior materials. Click here for Waxes

French Polish

When looking to apply the highly skilled French Polish technique on interior wood furniture, look no further than Liberon’s range of French Polish products, from Lemon Shellac Flakes to produce a pale golden brown colour to special Pale French Polish to produce a colourless and transparent high quality finish. Click here for French Polish