Innovating interiors for almost 60 years

About Us

Since 1957, innovation has been the driving force at V33. Almost sixty years ago, we designed the first ever wooden floor varnish. And we’re just as progressive today as when we began, developing products that help to combat noise, eliminate pollution or protect your home from weather damage.

We know that when you decide to renovate your home, it can be a little daunting - especially if it’s the first time you’ve undertaken such a project. That’s why we’re more than just experts in easy clean paints and flooring renovations. We’re your partner - for the duration of your project and beyond.

Whether you’re looking for creative renovation ideas or detailed information on using one of our products like a pro, we’re always here to help with decorating advice, how-to guides and our telephone advice service.

All V33 products are designed to meet current regulations and subjected to laboratory tests to make sure they’re completely safe for you and your environment. And V33 paints and wood products are all really easy to apply. With their "ball bearing" effect and non-drip formula, they offer exceptional opacity and flow.