Natural Finish Interior Varnish is a hardwearing and long-lasting, water-based varnish suitable for protecting and maintaining the natural look and feel of interior woodwork, such as skirting boards, doors, work surfaces and panelling. Using a non-yellowing and quick drying formula, it is highly resistant to scratches and stains.

  • Superior water-based formula
  • High Resistance to scratches and stains
  • Suitable for Kitchens and Bathrooms
  • Maintains the natural look and feel of the wood
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Unit Size:






Drying Time:

Minimum 2 hours


Brush or roller

Tool Cleaning:



Sand the wood if required and remove all previous finishes. Ensure the surface is clean, dry and free from dust. If you want to colour the wood, you can apply Palette Wood Dye to the timber before varnishing. Alternatively, Palette Wood Dye may be added to the varnish to create unique colour tones, and is available in a range of wood shades.

Shake / stir well before use. Apply a reasonable coat of varnish evenly using a paint brush or short hair roller and allow to dry for a minimum of two hours before applying further coats. We recommend a minimum of three coats are applied, sanding lightly between coats if required. More coats may be required for items which are in heavy use. Allow the final coat of varnish a minimum of 24 hours drying time before use.

Always test the product on a spare surface or inconspicuous area for colour, compatibility and end result.

 Cleaning and maintenance
Wipe up any spills immediately. For general maintenance wipe over with a damp cloth using a mild detergent if required. If the surface shows signs of wear re-apply a coat of varnish.

Allow all wood dyes to dry for a minimum of eight hours before applying Natural Finish Interior Varnish.

Care must be taken on the application of the first coat of Natural Finish Interior Varnish when being used over Palette Wood Dye. Keep brush strokes to a minimum as over brushing may lift out the colour.

The varnish may raise the grain on some hardwoods.

Do not exceed a 20% dilution of Natural Finish Interior Varnish with Palette Wood Dye.

Natural Finish Interior Varnish is not suitable for applying over an oil-based finish.