Professional finishing products for all variety of floors

From wood and stone floor cleaners to water or solvent based sealers and varnishes, Liberon’s vast range of fuss-free and highly effective wood, laminate and stone floor products deliver easy-to-use solutions for all manner of flooring protection. From small DIY jobs to large-scale flooring projects, Liberon’s unrivalled selection of cleaners, varnishes, waxes and oils guarantees a first-class professional finish every time.


Every floor is as unique as the building it’s housed in, so at Liberon we don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ solutions. Each product has been carefully tailored to suit different floor types, so whether you’re looking to enhance the colour and grain of an interior timber, wanting to add a protective coat and lasting shine to vintage terracotta tiles, or needing to fix those niggling imperfections on a laminate floor, Liberon has just the product for you.


Offering unbeatable quality and with expert step-by-step advice on how to apply at every stage, here you will find the finest array of interior wood floor products including parquet floor oil, wood varnish repair, and wood wax protection against scratches and scrapes. Click here for Wood


Looking to add some shine to stone floors that are plagued with high foot traffic or searching for a stone floor cleaner that won’t damage a porous tile floor, here you will find the finest array of stone floor products including a stone floor grease remover and an interior colour enhancer. Click here for Stone


Over time, vinyl flooring can experience plenty of wear and tear, particularly in areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Here you will find an array of laminate floor products to fix those superficial scuff marks and provide a non-slip protective finish, including solvent floor oil, and solvent floor sealer. Click here for Laminate