Tools for the trade, techniques for the master

From aprons to scrapers, raw materials to steel wool, we provide you with all the tools and accessories required to confidently and competently prepare for, and apply, all the products available throughout the Liberon range, including flat lacquer ox hair brushes made with highly soft bristles, to specially formulated lubricating wax designed to clean interior tools and machinery to keep them working efficiently for longer.

Tools and Accessories

‘A good workman never blames his tools’, or so the adage goes, but many would happily improve their existing tools to become more efficient at tasks. Liberon’s range of high-quality tools and accessories is made up of premium rags, honing oils and lubricating waxes to ensure you only ever get the best results when applying products and practising specialist techniques.

Raw Materials

From purified beeswax ideal for use as furniture polish to traditional pearl glue used for antique wood restoration and joinery, here you will find an array of raw material products to suit all your specialist, artisan needs. Click here for Raw Materials

Steel wool

Offering no less than seven different grades of steel wool, from flexible, ultra-fine Grade 0000 steel wool suitable for polishing and cleaning delicate surfaces, to abrasive, coarse Grade 4 steel wool suitable for heavy stripping, removing rust and hard core cleaning work, here you will find a fully comprehensive selection of steel wool along with product recommendations. Click here for Steel Wool


Including 100% lint-free pure cotton rags ideal for making traditional French polishing rubbers and for buffing wax polishes, not to mention cotton waste, the traditional filling for French polishing rubber, and a traditional cabinet maker’s apron, here you will find a large array of professional accessories for tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts alike. Click here for Accessories


Whether looking to buff a wax polish with a pure bristle furniture brush or requiring a specially designed foam brush ideal for applying water-based dyes, here you will find an assortment of professional bushes, each and every one tailored to a specific need. Click here for Brushes