Wood strippers

Wood strippers: fast acting Liberon

If you are planning to restore your wood floors, stairways or beams, Liberon wood strippers will give a good start to the job on hand. Liberon has developed high performance wood strippers that act fast and saves you much scrubbing, gentle on both your elbow and your wood.


Revive your surfaces however large or small with fine quality Fine Wood Stripper by Liberon which allows you to remove old varnish and paint without damaging your wood. Rapid results are guaranteed, requiring upto only 30 minutes waiting time for the stripper to take effect, your surface is ready for the next stage of preparation within hours.


For stripping furniture of old grime, wax or polish, Liberon Wax and Polish Remover works in minutes and is endorsed by the Guild of Master Craftsmen! For best results, consult our instructions for use and make a great start to restoring your woodwork.

Wood Strippers and an excellent finish

Indeed, once the Liberon Wood Stripper has done the job of cleaning away the old surface finish, you can let yourself be inspired by the range of wax polishes, varnishes, dyes and oils to bring back the lustre, natural beauty of your wood surfaces. Feel free to browse through our product catalogue and enjoy sharing our creative ideas for your home decor.


If you would like any further information about Liberon Wood Strippers, please contact us.