Wood stains

Extreme woodstain by Liberon for durable results

Follow the easy to use guidelines from Liberon to get the best results from your woodstain applications. Liberon is a leading manufacturer of wood care products with a wide range of woodstain, oils, varnishes and waxes designed in high performance formulas to bring out the beauty of the wood in your home.


Liberon's Extreme Woodstain is guaranteed to provide protection for up to 10 years and comes with UV protection - an added protection against exposure to sunlight for your exterior woodwork.  Liberon woodstain can be applied on bare, previously varnished or painted wood, simply follow instructions for preparing your surface. Liberon woodstain can be applied with a brush, roller or spray as preferred and of course, depending on the woodwork you are treating. Obtain the best results for your window frames, doors, fences and gates with Liberon.


See our product catalogue and find out more about how our woodstain products provides waterproofing, UV protection and resists peeling and wear and tear over time.

Woodstains by the wood experts

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