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Liberon furniture oils to nourish and protect your wood furniture

If you wish for a more natural finish for your furniture, Liberon have an extensive selection of furniture oils. With rich and enhanced formulas produced by specialists for more than a 100 years in wood care products, there is a furniture oil for every type of result you wish to achieve. Liberon Linseed oils are available in boiled and raw formulas whose applications will deeply nourish and provide water resistance for your furniture.


Liberon's Pure Tung oil is a pure furniture oil which gives a hard wearing finish providing maximum protection for wood surfaces in the kitchen, tables and areas that are in frequent use. Being a natural oil, Pure Tung Oil is non-toxic and gives a smooth, natural finish which is food safe.


Feel free browse through the Liberon product catalogue for a description of furniture oils, including Teak oil and Danish oil formulas with UV filter for both interior and exterior use. You will find advice about preparing your surface and application methods for maximum results.


Dedicated to the lasting beauty and care of wood, Liberon has created the Liberon Club where you will find a wealth of information about different woods and advice on how best to bring out their lustre or create the matt finish you desire. In this area you will find information to download.


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