Filling holes in wood

Filling holes in wood furniture with Liberon wood products

Liberon, a leading manufacturer of wood products has a range of products for filling holes in wooden furniture. The products benefit from being quick drying and highly flexible which can be stained to match the exact colour of your furniture.


Filling holes in wood furniture requires very few materials, Liberon Wood Filler and a painter's knife is all you need to restore your favourite piece to its original condition. Available in several shades, the wood can be finished with varnish, paint or wax after filling.


For more significant damage, fill holes in wooden furniture with Wood Stopping which gives is hardwearing and will not shrink or crack. Liberon wood fillers can be used on indoor and outdoor wood and allows you to apply the finish of your choice.


For minor scratches and small marks, Liberon Retouch Crayons are perfect. These wax crayons can be worked into the damaged area, smoothed level and left to dry. The area can then be finished with wax, oil or varnish. For laminate flooring, Liberon Laminate Repair Sticks are ideal for filling poor joints and cracks in between laminate floor planks.


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