Damaged furniture

How to repair damaged wood furniture ?

Liberon has a wide range of products to repair damaged wood, whether it is to repair a wooden floor, wooden furniture or general woodwork around the home.


It is very important to repair and restore wood correctly before continuing to finish wood because the quality of the repair will affect the final finish; therefore a good quality wood repair will ensure a high quality finish.

Our range includes:

  • Wax and Polish Remover: use to remove old wax, dirt and grime from furniture prior to refinishing, without affecting most original hard finishes.
  • Fine Wood Stripper: Strips paint and varnish, easy to use, methylene chloride free formulation.
  • Wood Stopping: a solvent based, natural wood stopping for filling holes, cracks and gaps.
  • Wood Filler: a multi-purpose, water based filler for repairing surface damage to wood.
  • Wood Bleacher: use to remove dark stains caused by rust, alcohol and damp and for lightening naturally dark wood.
  • Knotting: Helps to prevent seepage from knots in resinous wood, use prior to finishing.
  • Sanding Sealer: use prior to waxing for an improved finish


Please see our data sheets on each product page in the product catalogue for recommendations about how to repair damaged wood furniture and get the best results from our wood care products.


Now available to download from the Liberon Club are a selection of informative brochures and advice about how to repair your damaged wood furniture.

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