Steel wool

Liberon steel wool: a woodcarers tool

Liberon's steel wool is a high quality cleaning tool that has won the approval of the Guild of Master Craftsmen. The French leader provides professional standard steel wool for the home user available from homecare and DIY outlets in France and abroad.


Steel wool is useful in a whole range of tasks involved in the care and maintenance of wood and metal surfaces. Abrasive, heavy cleaning away of old varnishes or paint or used with a lighter touch for preparation of a smooth surface before applying your wood treatment, Steel wool is a must for any cleaning or renovation job at hand!


The specific qualities of the Liberon steel wool are that of being highly resistant to crumbling and dust thanks to the fine quality steel used. You can purchase a choice of seven grades, from very fine to coarse fibres to match exact needs. Feel free to consult our product catalogue for more details about application.

Steel wool and Liberon products

For the beginner and experienced in renovation and repair of interior woodwork and furniture, Liberon has designed the Repair, Renovate and Revive kit with a whole range of wood repair products, sticks, fillers, waxes and of course, ultra fine, steel wool.


If you would like any further information about Liberon steel wool, please contact us.