Home ColourCare Decorative Furniture Varnish

Furniture Varnish

Home ColourCare Decorative Furniture Varnish is a range of pop and basic coloured paint with the high protection of a varnish that can bring life to old furniture and woodwork in the home. Perfect for upcycling projects, it can be used on a wide variety of surfaces to add life to any special piece of furniture.

  • Impact and stain resistant
  • Easy application
  • Multi-surface
  • 15 contemporary colours
  • Perfect for upcycling projects
  • Hard wearing
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Unit Size:



750ml - 12m²



Drying Time:

4 hours recoat, 12 hours fully dry


Brush or roller

Tool Cleaning:


White Wool


Sweet Night

Spicy Red

Soft Grey


Samba Rose

Punchy Violet

Lounge Black

Green Cocktail

Dimmed Grey

Classic Cream

Aqua Blue

Angora Grey

Zen Grey



Preparation of the surface is essential

  • Porous wood (bare wood, MDF): Lightly sand the surface and remove dust
  • Varnished wood: Wash with a sugar soap cleaner, rinse thoroughly with clean water and leave to dry.  Lightly sand the surface with a 240 grit abrasive and remove dust.
  • Veneer, laminate or Melamine faced wood:  Wash with a sugar soap cleaner, rinse thoroughly with clean water and leave to dry
  • Waxed or Oiled Wood: Remove the finish, sand and remove dust from the surface.


  • Stir with a long wide stick to mix the product thoroughly.
  • Apply a first thin coat with a brush in the direction of the grain, leave to dry for 4 hours.
  • Apply a second coat using the same procedure, leave to dry for 12 hours.
  • For large vertical surfaces, apply 2 coats with a short pile roller.
  • For bright colours, an additional coat may be required

Optimal resistance of this varnish is obtained after 20 days of drying.  The surface should therefore be treated with care (avoid knocks, stains etc.)  for the first 20 days.

Observe the recommended coverage rate for the product and do not apply either too thickly or thinly.

Apply the varnish at an ambient temperature of between 12 and 25°C and avoid draughts.  Avoid painting against an edge which is still drying.  Once the project is completed, clean tools in water.  Use a mild detergent to clean surfaces coated with the varnish.  Do not use abrasive sponges.