Garden ColourCare Decorative Woodstain is ideal for all exterior and interior woodwork: shutters, gates, fences, windows or beams. For most types of European and exotic woods, new or old: Oak, Softwood, Larch, Douglas, and Red Cedar. Suitable on most old woodstains.

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Unit Size:

1L, 2.5L


12m² per 1 Litre



Drying Time:

3 hours to recoat, 12 hours final


Brush, Roller or Spray

Tool Cleaning:


High Resistance

Smoked Spruce

Coppery Douglas

White Cedar

Silver Grey

Ashen Oak

Graphite Oak



Ensure the surface is clean, dry and non-greasy. Sand angles and edges to lightly round off. Bare woods: Sand to obtain a smooth surface and remove dust. Apply a suitable wood treatment product. Bare Hardwoods (Oak, Chestnut, Larch, Douglas, Red Cedar, Exotic): dilute the first coat with 15% water and apply a non-diluted second coat. (Avoid a generous application). On greasy wood, degrease the surface before application. Stained woods: Brush to remove any loose or flaking finishes. Use sandpaper to obtain a smooth surface and remove dust. Blackened woods: apply Liberon Wood Bleacher or apply a suitable undercoat to affected area.


Ideal application conditions: between 12° and 25°C, in dry weather. We wouldn’t recommend applying Decorative Woodstain in strong winds or when bad weather is forecast. Stir the product well before and during use using a wide stick. Apply in 2 coats. For a spray application, dilute the Woodstain with 10% water. Sand lightly between the 2 coats. Do not apply on heat treated woods, thermo treated woods or acidic woods. For bright colours on new or exposed woods, it may be necessary to apply a 3rd coat.


Always test the product on a small or inconspicuous area for colour, compatibility and end result

The eight-year guarantee

The eight-year guarantee applies to new wood, wood to renovate, and usual wood species when the product is applied according to preparation and application instructions. For use on vertical surfaces. For south and south-west exposition, apply three coats. The guarantee is limited to refunding of the product (presentation of the receipt and the tin is required) and concerns only the aspect of the paint.