Oak worktops are an elegant part of any kitchen or bathroom, but if they are regularly in contact with a variety of foods, water and oils, there is a possibility of staining. It is, therefore, important to protect the oak to ensure a long life.

The ideal product for oak is Tung Oil because it is a natural product which feeds and nourishes the oak very well, thus giving good protection whilst also being safe for food contact surfaces. Additionally, it gives a durable, flexible and highly water resistant finish to oak, and protection against scratches.

It is important to bear in mind the following points before treating your oak:

  • Cures by oxidation not evaporation
  • Gives a matt finish
  • Resists abrasion and acids
  • Resistant to blistering and peeling
  • Food contact safe
  • Tung Oil is sourced from nuts and may cause an allergic reaction
  • Regular re-coating is required, especially near sinks, hobs and heavy usage areas
  • Oil finishes slightly darken the colour of the wood; a wet surface is an indication of the final finish.
  • Do not apply with steel wool on bare or untreated oak as it may react with the natural tannins and cause blackening of the timber.

We have two products available: Pure Tung Oil and Quick Drying Tung Oil. Pure Tung Oil contains only 100% tung oil whilst the Quick Drying version has some solvent content to increase drying time.