As Autumn moves into Winter and the dark clouds begin to gather, if you haven’t already thought about getting your exterior woodcare ready for the harsh British winter, now’s the time! Don’t leave it too late: untreated or poor condition decking and outdoor timber will only get worse with the sometimes extreme weather we get over the winter months here in the UK.

If you’ve had new softwood decking laid this summer, it will need to be treated straight away to reduce the chances of any damage from the elements. Just make sure it’s not going to rain in the 24 hours following application (possibly easier said than done!), apply with a brush or even broom to get in the grooves, and you’re all set. Be sure to read the tin carefully and follow the instructions, and if you have any doubt, please get in touch with our friendly customer services team.

New hardwood decking will need to be left to weather for the first year or so, as the grain will still be too closed to absorb any product you try to apply straight after installation.

If you’ve got old decking that’s been previously treated but looking a bit tired, give it a jet wash and natural wood deck clean to remove any loose or flaking product, clean with Tough Deck Clean & Revive, and go straight ahead with further coats of your preferred treatment.

Any other exterior timber can be treated with our new Exterior Wood Protector, or if a coloured stain is preferred, we also sell 4- and 10-year-guarantee woodstains. There are a few oils that can be used outside as well for most types of exterior wood protection, however for exterior oak we only recommend the use of Tung Oil.

We’ve got all you need to get prepared, from cleaning products to the actual oil itself, and all the how-to videos, help and advice you could need to go with it.

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