Laminate flooring care

Laminate floor care: Gentle and effective care products by Liberon

For laminate floor care and maintenance, Liberon has developed whole range of cleaners, sealer and repair products to help you keep your flooring in top condition. The French-based company has over a hundred years experience in the care of wood floors and furniture and uses its expertise to create ever better and safer products for the home.


Laminate floor care by Liberon helps to maintain that hygenic, pure line of flooring with practical and easy-to-use products. Opt for the gentle, Laminate Clean and Seal formula for effective cleaning of dirt and a lustrous finish in one product. As a water-based solution, you can apply your laminate floor care product regularly without harmful emissions in the home.


If your laminate flooring shows damage, you can quickly and easily repair and restore to your floor to its original beauty with the Liberon laminate floor care range, feel free to view our product catalogue for details and recommendations for use.


Make the best of your wood floors, laminate flooring, furniture and exterior woodwork with our handy tips and advice available at the Liberon Club.


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