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Quick Drying Tung Oil

Quick Drying Tung Oil is highly resistant to water, alcohol and food acids. Providing a hard wearing finish it is ideal for surfaces such as kitchen worktops, tables and all high quality interior & exterior wood.
Oil finishes bring out the natural colours of timber. A wet surface will be an indication of the final colour. Always test product on a spare surface or inconspicuous area for colour, compatibility and end result.
Cleaning and maintenance
Quick Drying Tung Oil must be maintained on a regular basis. Apply at least once or twice a year or more if required, depending upon usage.
Wear suitable clothing and protective gloves. 
Tung Oil is extracted from nuts and may cause an allergic reaction. 
Store Liberon Tung Oil at a temperature above 5 °C.
Always replace the lid otherwise the oil can deteriorate. 
Oily cloths can self combust. Do not leave impregnated cloths in bundles. Before discarding lay them flat outside to dry to avoid a fire hazard. 
If the excess is not removed and the surface becomes sticky, wipe with white spirit to remove the sticky film and allow to dry before continuing.

Interior and exterior woodwork.
How to use
Apply Quick Drying Tung Oil using a brush or lint-free cotton cloth. Allow the oil to penetrate for 20 minutes then wipe off the excess oil using a clean lint-free cloth. Allow to dry for 4 hours. Apply further coats of Quick Drying Tung Oil as above, we recommend at least 4 coats on most woods. To check the surface is protected drop some water onto the wood and if the water beads, the surface is sealed. Allow 24 hours for the final coat to dry. For best results gently rub with Liberon Ultra Fine Steel Wool (0000) between coats. Furniture items may be finished with Liberon Wax Polish Black Bison for an improved lustre.
Pack size
250ml, 500ml, 1L
Drying time
4 hours touch dry, final coat 24 hours.
Tool cleaning
Tool cleaning: White spirit
Tool cleaning: White spirit
Application: Cotton rag - cloth
Application: Cotton rag - cloth